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More About the Benefits of High Quality Hemp Extract

We all know that hemp supplements are experiencing an explosive growth in popularity; however, the idea of utilizing whole-plant extracted hemp oil is actually not new at all. 

Because of its beneficial properties, hemp has been cultivated alongside human civilization for centuries.  Also, thanks to consumer awareness regarding the clear distinctions between the hemp plant and marijuana, hemp is now being rapidly adopted by mainstream audiences once again!  (In the US, hemp foods and supplements may not contain more than trace amounts, meaning less than 0.3% of THC; the primary psychoactive component of marijuana.)

This incredible plant has been known to provide numerous cognitive and physiological benefits – not only to humans, but to our furry companions as well!

Hemp is widely reported to be helpful in providing holistic and functional sense of calm and serenity to help manage daily stress and anxiety.  Whole plant hemp oil also has been described as providing hugely beneficial results related to healthy sleep support. Plus, hemp can even provide benefits associated with maintaining focused attention!

Further, whole plant hemp extract support the body’s interconnected regulatory systems providing relief for injured or weary muscles and joints, systemically.  By helping to modulate and balance the body’s various physiological functions, these compounds have been shown to support increased mobility and range of motion, as well as related benefits in the immune and central nervous systems.

In short, naturally occurring compounds derived from whole plant hemp extracts are adaptogens that work to support each individuals unique physiological needs and support homeostasis providing various forms of relief and a greater sense of overall comfort.  

In all, with so many benefits associated with just a single ingredient, whole plant hemp oil is sometimes called nature’s greatest “adaptogen” -- providing your specific body with just what it needs; and assisting you in reaching a state of holistic body and mind balance, also known as homeostasis.


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