POD Foods Takes Restorative Botanicals’ Natural Distribution to the Next Level

POD Foods Takes Restorative Botanicals’ Natural Distribution to the Next Level

Restorative Botanicals takes its national distribution to the next level by partnering with Pod Foods to make their products more easily accessible nationwide.

This partnership will allow retailers to benefit from faster turnaround times and the ability to order Restorative Botanicals products alongside their other favorite brands in the Pod system.

Restorative Botanicals in known in the industry for coming out with some of the most creative, high-quality products in the hemp CBD market. Restorative has recently expanded on its offerings with Vegan Bolder Gummies, a functional immune support mushroom blend capsule, and a new organic pet chew for dogs.  


Vegan Bolder Gummies™

Our customers spoke, and we listened. The market has been calling for a Vegan version of one of our most popular food lines – Bolder Gummies. Packaged in a 3 flavor set with 10mg of CBD in each piece, Bolder Gummies took the market by storm and quickly became one of Restorative Botanicals’ best-selling products.

As time went on, and demand grew in the market for Vegan products, our customers increasingly requested a Vegan version of our Bolder Gummies™ and so we began the task of formulating a delicious and equally enjoyable version of our gummie recipe in Vegan form. Restoratives’ certified USDA Organic Vegan Bolder Gummies are now available in a 30ct bag and in the same 3 original mouthwatering flavors – Cherry, Raspberry, and Lemon.

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Restore Shrooms™ Mushroom Capsules

Bernard Perry and his team at Restorative Botanicals are no strangers to being on the cutting edge of new wellness product trends. We are consistently on the lookout for new natural wellness ingredients that can help us improve our products and further our mission in life.  Simply put, our mission is “to improve the human condition, naturally”.

 Interest in the mushroom space is booming and we have decided to release a six mushroom adaptogen blend capsule under the Restorative Botanicals brand.  Additional mushroom products are in development and will be released in the coming months.


Introducing Restore Shrooms™, a powerful blend of Agaricus Blazei, Reishi, Maitake, Shiitake, Cordyceps, and Turkey Tale mushrooms, this product is ideal for promoting healthy immune systems and improving overall health and wellness. Unlike CBD supplements, the effects of mushrooms are much more subtle, so we encourage our customers to take this product consistently for a month and then reflect on the benefits that you are experiencing.

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4Paws Chews™

The benefits of CBD products are not limited to humans. Pets can also experience a variety of health and wellness benefits from consuming a CBD rich hemp oil supplement.

Introducing our 4Paws™ Chews - a simple and convenient way to share the wonderful benefits of CBD products with your favorite 4 legged friend. Baked in small batches with all organic ingredients and an attention to detail, our peanut butter flavored pet supplements are formulated with 5mg of CBD in each chew. All our CBD pet Chew ingredients are natural or organic and human grade so you can be assured that you are sharing only the best CBD supplements with your pet.

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