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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between Full and Broad-Spectrum hemp extract?

Full Spectrum hemp products are ones that contain all of the different phytocompounds (cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes) that naturally occur in the hemp plant - just the way nature intended it. Our Full Spectrum extract is obtained from only the finest USDA Certified Organic U.S. farms - most of which are in Colorado. We then use a C02 Extraction process that keeps all the nutrients intact so that they can work in tandem to help your body achieve natural wellness!

Broad Spectrum products are categorized by their lack of certain cannabinoids. Our Broad-Spectrum Oil (expertly encapsulated into soft gel form) is crafted without THC testing out to 0.00% in our third-party tests. We believe that a true Broad-Spectrum product is not created by mixing some isolates together and giving you the result, but by carefully removing only the THC so that you do not miss out on all the added benefits of all the other phytonutrients available in the hemp plant.


What is the difference Between Hemp Oil and CBD?

CBD is a term most people are familiar with. It is one of over 100 different beneficial cannabinoids in the hemp plant. CBD Isolate products are made by isolating only the CBD and throwing away the rest of the different phytonutrients in the hemp plant. We do not believe that CBD Isolate products are good supporters of your health because they lack all the other healthy components.

Hemp Oil refers to the whole plant extract, including CBD and the over 100 other beneficial cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids found in the hemp plant. All of these different components work together in harmony to help support all of your body’s natural systems.

We call out CBD in our hemp oil products for ease of recognition for our customers. Our products are Full Spectrum Hemp Oil, giving you all the benefits of the naturally occurring cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes in addition to a significant amount of well-known compound, CBD.


Are Restorative Botanicals Products Certified Organic?

Almost all Restorative Botanicals products are certified organic, and it is our goal for all products to gain organic certification. We use only organic ingredients whenever possible however there are a handful of ingredients that are not available in organic varieties. We are hard at work on making changes to these products to get them certified.  In addition, our facility itself has been Certified Organic and so are all the farms from which we source our premium hemp extract.

Our facilities follow the highest quality standards, and we demonstrate this by our achievement of a 100% score on our cGMP inspection. We certify that we will never deliver any products to you that are not of the highest quality and purity. As a part of the Restorative Botanicals community, we guarantee you will get nothing but the best - we make our products with the same high standards we require of any of the products we would share with our own friends and family.


How does it work?

Cannabinoids work by integrating themselves into the body’s naturally occurring Endocannabinoid System.

CBD is one of the key components to a good hemp product. CBD inhibits the enzymes that break down endocannabinoids, which helps your body replenish its stock and results in numerous health benefits.


What is the Endocannabinoid System?

This is a system defined by its grouping of millions of cannabinoid receptors found throughout your body with a high concentration of those receptors in the brain and nervous system.

There are over 100 naturally occurring cannabinoids in the hemp plant, one of which is the well know CBD.

Your body, like the hemp plant, produces cannabinoids as well. These are known as endocannabinoids. Your body uses these cannabinoids as nutrients to help almost organ of your body, like your skin and digestive tract, and brain.

THC, unlike the other cannabinoids acts as a connector that helps all the other cannabinoids interact more effectively with the endocannabinoid system and its two classical cannabinoid receptors (CB1 and CB2). You only need very small amounts for it to work as what the industry calls "The entourage effect".


Where should I start and how often should I take it?

We suggest starting with a standard strength oil blend or a soft gel!

The standard strength oils have a 10mg per ml (listed with a 10 on the front label) and the soft gels have 15mg or 25mg per soft gel (listed with 15 or 25 on the front label). You should go with a soft gel if you don’t like the taste or texture of the oils. From here, you can increase or decrease the amount you take based on your needs. If you're having trouble determining what will be best for you, give us a call! Our Customer Care team is the best in the business. 720.684.6100.


Is there THC In your product, could I test hot?

Full plant hemp extracts contain small trace amounts of THC since it’s a natural part of the hemp plant.  However, we make sure to third party test all our finished products to ensure that they fall below the federal threshold set for THC.

We believe fully in transparency and that’s why we tie each of our products to their potency tests via a QR code on each label.

There is still a lot of research to be done on the hemp plant and humans. As we ingest and process our hemp products, there is a possibility that the bodily conversion of these compounds could produce the possibility of trace, but legal amounts of THC inherent in multiple cannabinoid hemp products. This could cause a positive test result.

The best solution is to consult your healthcare provider and employer before adding hemp derived products to your daily health regiment to ensure that they know trace amounts of THC may lead to a positive test result.


What’s the difference between hemp and hemp seed oil?

Hemp extract oil comes from the plant itself and contains all the beneficial cannabinoids you see on the market today like CBD, CBG, CBC, and CBN.

Hemp Seed oil is usually cold pressed from the actual seed of the hemp plant. This contains different nutritional and physiological benefits but does not contain active cannabinoids like CBD.


What if I’m not noticing anything? When should my product take effect?

Everyone has different response times to hemp because every body's physiology is different. If your body is deficient in cannabinoids or you’re a bit more sensitive to them (i.e., if you don’t regularly consume hemp products already) you may feel the effects of our oils as soon as 5 minutes! For some, you will need to take them consistently over a period of 3 to 5 days. Most of our customers feel effects almost immediately.

When it comes to our topicals, these work very quickly. You should start to feel some relief in within 3 minutes of application.


How can I tell if a product is of high quality?

There are a couple of questions that you should ask when looking for a good hemp product:

  1. Are you certified cGMP? This certification shows that a company's manufacturing facility is held to high operating standards in terms of cleanliness, accuracy, and well-trained staff.
  2. Are your products 3rd party tested? Getting a product 3rd party tested and having access to those tests shows that a company cares enough to get an unbiased lab to make sure that their potency is accurate.
  3. Are you Certified Organic? Being Certified Organic is very involved - if a company is able to achieve this certification, you can rest assured that you won’t have any quality issues.
  4. How do you extract your hemp? We firmly believe that CO2 extraction is the safest way to extract hemp oils. This is because it leaves no trace solvents that could pollute your product. It also results in cleaner tasting and longer lasting product than the other methods.


Restorative Botanicals would be a great fit for my store! How can I become a retailer?

Check out our wholesale inquiry form! We will get back to you within 2 business days.


Complimentary Oils

  • Wild-crafted Frankincense | A fragrant gum resin from trees (Boswellia of the family Burseraceae) is used to produce an oil concentrated with an array of aromatic phytochemicals and terpenes. Wildcrafted Frankincense is harvested from its natural habitat with ethical considerations such as the protection of endangered species. The gentle CO2 extraction process maintains the plant’s nutritional value and ensures the purest and cleanest form of frankincense extract oil on the market today.
  • Cold-Pressed Black Cumin Seed Oil | A Eurasian herb know as Nigella sativa that has been cold pressed to retain all its flavor, aroma, and nutritional value.
  • Cold-Pressed Hemp Seed Oil | This virgin organic cold-pressed hemp seed oil retains its natural flavor, complete nutritional value, and is an excellent source of vitamins (including B1, B2, B6, D) and healthy omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids in a desirable 3:1 ratio.
  • Fractionated MCT Coconut Oil | MCT stands for medium chain triglycerides which is another term for the fractionated fatty acids naturally found in coconut oil. Fractionation removes many of the heavier oil components, yielding a nutritious, light, stable and virtually tasteless oil, perfectly suited for infusion of our Restore CALM hemp oil extract blends and some of our edible products. MCT coconut oil is widely used as an emulsifying ingredient in health supplements and is particularly easy to digest.
  • Sunflower Seed Oil | Provides additional nutritional value and flavor.



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